2020-12-08 19:13

Rename MarkDown.vue to Markdown.vue

Got this error when running encore on linux.

 ERROR  Failed to compile with 1 errors                                                                                                                                                 02:52:08

This relative module was not found:

* ../Components/Editor/Markdown.vue in ./assets/js/Views/editor.js

Because the existing file is MarkDown.vue instead of Markdown.vue Rename it should fix the problem.


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  • weixin_39628864 weixin_39628864 5月前

    Reopen this issue.

    screenshot from 2018-10-29 08-05-17 screenshot from 2018-10-29 08-06-28

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  • weixin_39949473 weixin_39949473 5月前

    That's super weird.. I would've sworn we fixed this.. Will do so again. Thanks! :-)

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  • weixin_39949473 weixin_39949473 5月前

    This one was fixed already, right?

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  • weixin_39732249 weixin_39732249 5月前

    yup I have fixed this.

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