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A Task Process

Problem Description
There are two kinds of tasks, namely A and B. There are N workers and the i-th worker would like to finish one task A in ai minutes, one task B in bi minutes. Now you have X task A and Y task B, you want to assign each worker some tasks and finish all the tasks as soon as possible. You should note that the workers are working simultaneously.

In the first line there is an integer T(T<=50), indicates the number of test cases.

In each case, the first line contains three integers N(1<=N<=50), X,Y(1<=X,Y<=200). Then there are N lines, each line contain two integers ai, bi (1<=ai, bi <=1000).

For each test case, output “Case d: “ at first line where d is the case number counted from one, then output the shortest time to finish all the tasks.

Sample Input
2 2 2
1 10
10 1
2 2 2
1 1
10 10

3 3 3
2 7
5 5
7 2

Sample Output
Case 1: 2
Case 2: 4
Case 3: 6

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