2020-12-08 20:11

Update that will allow updating global indexes

Update that will allow updating global indexes. def update_table(table_name, provisioned_throughput) changed to def update_table(table_name, provisioned_throughput, global_indexes=nil)

where global_indexes should be a hash specified like at http://docs.aws.amazon.com/amazondynamodb/latest/APIReference/API_UpdateTable.html


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  • weixin_39758618 weixin_39758618 5月前

    Seems like a great addition. Maybe instead of a single extra, optional argument, we should rework it toward an second argument as an options hash? We can check and remap provisioned_output into the hash with a deprecation warning or just allow through a hash. I think the benefit would be that it might be more future-proof this way (we have some examples of this already in the codebase). What do you think?

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  • weixin_39620535 weixin_39620535 5月前

    I think this is also a good idea. The main idea of this addition was so that it fully updates the dynamoDB table which was not happening with the existing version of the function. I needed this for a task thus I did this modification.

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  • weixin_39758618 weixin_39758618 5月前

    Cool, yeah that was definitely a reasonable place to come from. Would you be up for making the adjustment we discussed and then we can bring this in? There should be some other examples in EC2/compute if you need them, and certainly happy to answer any questions/help if you need anything. Thanks!

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  • weixin_39699746 weixin_39699746 5月前

    Stale. Closing.

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