2017-04-22 06:52

ACM Lotteryneed

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n ZJU ICPC 2005 Summer Camp, javaman, whose nick name is CaiPiaoGe, are attending this summer camp in YuQuan Campus of Zhejiang University. Everyday, when he finishes supper, he always goes to buy the ACM lotteries next to the YuQuan Campus. The price of this kind of ACM lottery is given in the format Balloon.Idea.Think. Seventeen Ideas to a Balloon and twenty-nine Thinks to an Idea, it's easy enough. After javaman has bought one ACM lottery, he scrapes off the silver paper on the lottery and gets a beautiful ICPC icon. There are N kinds of ICPC icons. If javaman could get all the N kinds of ICPC icons, he will get the most glorious award in the ACM/ICPC area, called GoldenBear Cup. Now, javaman wishes to know that how much money he should pay for the ACM lotteries in average cases in order to get the GoldenBear Cup.


The input will consist of several test cases. Each case will contain the price of ACM lottery(a string of no more than 16 characters) and an integer N indicating N kinds of ICPC icons, 0 < N <= 107.


For each case, output the money javaman should pay. Please note that the money should be accurated up to Balloons.

Sample Input:
1.0.0 1
Sample Output:

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