2020-12-08 21:12

Request : Falling execute

It's a new mechanic to make when a player fall and touch the ground this mechanic is executing when the player touch the ground and you can use another mechanic with this for example the mecanic block with this for change the ground when the player touch the ground after this fall.

For create an example spell ground hit ^^


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  • weixin_39627052 weixin_39627052 5月前

    um... Trigger: Land?

    Excuse me, but what are you asking exactly? Your issue report title and your description don't match...

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  • weixin_39929096 weixin_39929096 5月前

    this request is'nt a trigger:land is better than land ^^ because the land spam the spell the goal of this new mechanics is launch the spell when the people finish the fall

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  • weixin_39627052 weixin_39627052 5月前

    That's what values/flags and value/flag conditions are for. Here's a spell that can does that: triggering an effect on landing using value conditions. Electric Smite.zip

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  • weixin_39695954 weixin_39695954 5月前

    The "Land" mechanic should only trigger when hitting the ground and accomplish what you want. If Land is triggering while still in midair or while just running on the ground, open a different issue saying that functionality isn't working. What Zicerite provided should be good for this case, so I will close the issue.

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