2020-12-08 21:59

Tilde is not a path in Angular output

When an error occurs in my Angular (v 9.0.1) app, I see invalid links on tilde characters which are not links, but only highlight of the line above.

See below: image

Actual bebavior: ~~~~ is transformed as link.

Expected behavior: Tilde characters without links.


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  • weixin_39654751 weixin_39654751 5月前

    image similiar problem with linux home alias ~ or should i open an extra issue for this?

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  • weixin_39878646 weixin_39878646 5月前

    is the directory really named `` or is that just a marker?

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  • weixin_39633493 weixin_39633493 5月前

    Yes, it's directory name as is. The link to that file works fine on click.

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  • weixin_39947812 weixin_39947812 5月前

    This is a TypeScript thing, not just Angular. :^)

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