2020-12-08 23:35

Zipkin exporter drops some spans that are accepted if sent directly to Zipkin

Zipkin allow any of the properties of LocalEndpoint and RemoteEndpoint to be absent (see https://zipkin.io/zipkin-api/#/). However, Zipkin exporter used by agent and service drops such spans if they do not have an ip address.

The issue was initially noted with the following setup, but any Zipkin emitter that causes openzipkin.NewEndpoint(serviceName, endpointURI) to return a non-nil error will cause the same:

  1. Start the Zipkin docker image with default settings: docker run --rm -d -p 9411:9411 openzipkin/zipkin.

First, try without agent/collector to see that the spans reach the Zipkin in the container:

  1. Run the python script below
test $ python ./test.py 9411
  1. Verify the Zipkin received the spans

Now introduce the Zipkin receiver and exporter (here using the collector):

  1. Create the following configuration file:
    port: 9410

  zipkin: {}
  1. Launch the collector, using the config file above:
$ go run ./cmd/occollector/main.go --config ./config.yaml
  1. Run the python script below, but, notice the use of port 9410 here so it goes via the collector.
test $ python ./test.py 9410

Result: no spans sent via port 9410 are received by Zipkin, they are being dropped by the exporter.

Expected: spans sent via port 9410 sent to Zipkin since they are the same spans accepted by Zipkin when sent directly to it (via port 9411).


import sys
import time

from opencensus.trace import execution_context
from opencensus.trace.exporters import zipkin_exporter
from opencensus.trace.tracer import Tracer
from opencensus.trace.samplers import always_on
from opencensus.trace.exporters.transports.background_thread import BackgroundThreadTransport

def function_to_trace():

def main():
    sampler = always_on.AlwaysOnSampler()
    exporter = zipkin_exporter.ZipkinExporter(service_name="dst-port:" + sys.argv[1], host_name='localhost', port=int(sys.argv[1]), transport=BackgroundThreadTransport)
    tracer = Tracer(sampler=sampler, exporter=exporter)

    with tracer.span(name='root') as root_span:
        tracer.add_attribute_to_current_span(attribute_key='example key',
                                             attribute_value='example value')
        with tracer.span(name='child') as child_span:

    # Get the current tracer
    tracer = execution_context.get_opencensus_tracer()

    # Explicitly create spans

    # Get current span
    cur_span = execution_context.get_current_span()

    # Explicitly end span

if __name__ == '__main__':


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  • weixin_39918248 weixin_39918248 5月前

    Fix in PR #229

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  • weixin_40003478 weixin_40003478 5月前

    thanks for filing this issue!

    So a) OpenCensus Python ALWAYS fills in a default localEndpoint if one isn't set: * https://github.com/census-instrumentation/opencensus-python/blob/da40cb19b4cce302aeb22177c4102f8f36c4e75e/opencensus/trace/exporters/zipkin_exporter.py#L80 where service_name by default is "my_service" as per https://github.com/census-instrumentation/opencensus-python/blob/da40cb19b4cce302aeb22177c4102f8f36c4e75e/opencensus/trace/exporters/zipkin_exporter.py#L72 * https://github.com/census-instrumentation/opencensus-python/blob/da40cb19b4cce302aeb22177c4102f8f36c4e75e/opencensus/trace/exporters/zipkin_exporter.py#L136-L139 * https://github.com/census-instrumentation/opencensus-python/blob/da40cb19b4cce302aeb22177c4102f8f36c4e75e/opencensus/trace/exporters/zipkin_exporter.py#L161

    So currently the comparison with Python is not apples to oranges as OpenCensus Python ALWAYS sends localEndpoint regardless of if set or not but also the receiver just proxies content.

    The Zipkin v2 API definitely shows that those fields are optional as you've noted so the issue to tackle here is to allow proxying of nodes without endpoints.

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  • weixin_39918248 weixin_39918248 5月前

    A small clarification to not cause confusion for someone reading this in the future: the OpenCensus Python sets service name and port, the issue was exposed because there was no valid ip (either v4 or v6) for the localEndpoint.

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  • weixin_39918248 weixin_39918248 5月前

    Fixed by #231

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