2020-12-09 00:08

Replace 4443 ingress rule to allow websocket traffic on aws elb

We noticed that with the revert back to ELB's on AWS, the listener on port 4443 was replaced, but not the corresponding security group ingress rule. This replaces the rule and again allows for log streaming, which is required for smoke tests to pass.

Appears to fix https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-bootloader/issues/470.

Thanks, Andrew and

cc/ -hj


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  • weixin_39560002 weixin_39560002 5月前

    :x: Hey acosta11!

    All pull request submitters and commit authors must have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Click here for details on the CLA process.

    The following github user is not covered by a CLA.

    After the CLA process is complete, this pull request will need to be closed & reopened. DreddBot will then validate the CLA(s).

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  • weixin_39535287 weixin_39535287 5月前

    Updated cloudfoundry membership to public and re-opening to satisfy cfdreddbot CLA requirement.

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  • weixin_39560002 weixin_39560002 5月前

    :white_check_mark: Hey acosta11! The commit authors and yourself have already signed the CLA.

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  • weixin_39635432 weixin_39635432 5月前

    Updated this in release v8.2.0

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