2020-12-09 00:47

WINE not on path when using protontricks

When attempting to use protontricks to install either foss_corefonts or corefonts (protontricks 644560 foss_corefonts) I recieve this output:

[INFO] Found Steam directory at /home/user/.steam/steam. You can also define Steam directory manually using $STEAM_DIR
[INFO] Winetricks path is set to /home/user/Downloads/protontricks/winetricks
[INFO] Found proton version 3.7. You can also define the proton version manually using $PROTON_VERSION
[INFO] WINESERVER environment variable is not available Setting WINESERVER environment variable to proton bundled version
[INFO] Found 0 Steam library folders
[INFO] Found the prefix directory at /home/user/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/644560/pfx
WINE is /home/user/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 3.7/dist/bin/wine, which is neither on the path nor an executable file

The fonts don't get installed and as a result, the game is not displaying the needed texts. I've installed wine, winetricks and have steam setup properly to use proton.


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  • weixin_39826809 weixin_39826809 5月前

    The newest version of Winetricks is here on Github, if you installed the one provided by your OS (like I did at first) it's probably out of date. https://github.com/Winetricks/winetricks

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  • weixin_39978282 weixin_39978282 5月前

    Had this same problem and running the command manually revealed the following error message: 00b3:err:esync:esync_init Server is running with WINEESYNC but this process is not, please enable WINEESYNC or restart wineserver.

    WINEESYNC=1 protontricks ... did the trick, but killall wineserver would probably work as well and be more reliable. Or not, I'm not exactly sure. :P

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  • weixin_39634985 weixin_39634985 5月前

    To be sure.

    kill -SIGHUP $(pgrep wineserver)
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  • weixin_39619481 weixin_39619481 5月前

    I think the answers given here are suitable, I think, trying a newer version of winetricks could work.

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