2020-12-09 01:08

Attaching bow to arrow quiver

Along with the backpack, we also have the arrow quiver. It would make sense to attach the bow to the quiver to free our hands otherwise it's always better to have a backpack than an arrow quiver when hunting people and animals.


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  • weixin_39932838 weixin_39932838 5月前

    This interaction might clash with loading up the bow when clicking on the quiver with it

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  • weixin_39611382 weixin_39611382 5月前


    Here is an image of random quiver. I don't think you could attach a bow to this. Not too realistic.

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  • weixin_39907658 weixin_39907658 5月前

    The current model is of a backpack, it should work just fine. The reason we don't put bows on quivers is that we have other means of carrying them IRL.

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  • weixin_39710106 weixin_39710106 5月前

    Yes, it is true that it would interfere... you currently click the quiver with the bow to grab an arrow. Though maybe I can make it so that you can hang the bow on the empty quiver, or click with a full bow to put both back?

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  • weixin_39907658 weixin_39907658 5月前

    I think the second option if you mean to do it.

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