2020-12-09 01:53

Problem with pypiwin32 dependency

Hi, as we are using conda for managing package dependency, fmpy gets installed as conda package with a dependency to pywin32. So far so good.

But when I run python setup.py develop in my project (which requires fmpy in its setuptools config), setuptools fails because it cannot find the dependency pypiwin32 (there is only pywin32 installed).

Any reason why the dependency is on pypiwin32 and not on pywin32 ? It seems that the original pywin32 project has been very active recently, see latest release is just 4 weeks old (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pywin32). Would it be possible to switch back to pywin32 instead of pypiwin32 ? This would make my life much easier.

The only workaround I am currently seeing for my project is to remove fmpy from the requirements list (so that setuptools doesn't check for it) and manually make sure that fmpy and dependencies are installed correctly.


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