2020-12-09 03:35

Allow creation of user with bridge-generated username

In the future, the Hue API will no longer support creating users with custom usernames on the bridge, only users with bridge-generated usernames. A new bridge method will need to be added to jsHue to support this change.

It will look something like:

var bridge = jsHue().bridge('');
bridge.createUser('foo application', function(data) {
    // extract bridge-generated username from returned data
    var user = bridge.user(data[0].success.username);


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  • weixin_39760689 weixin_39760689 5月前

    Hi blargoner, Thanks for your tool :) Do you have a milestone for this enhancement?

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  • weixin_39704374 weixin_39704374 5月前

    v0.3.0. :)

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  • weixin_39760689 weixin_39760689 5月前

    Thanks a lot!

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  • weixin_39920629 weixin_39920629 5月前

    Interessting - I just used

    hue.bridge(bridgeIp).user().create("MyApp", function(successResultArray){});

    and that worked with the new API. But thanks for the updated version.

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  • weixin_39704374 weixin_39704374 5月前

    Nice workaround. With the new version, you can avoid instantiating a user() object twice.

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