2020-12-09 03:38

Treetop dependency removed from Chef in v11

treetop was removed here

treetop needs to be a dependency of this cookbook. PR coming soon.


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  • weixin_39550172 weixin_39550172 5月前

    It seems to be impossible to install the gem before the library is loaded. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • weixin_39550172 weixin_39550172 5月前


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  • weixin_39550172 weixin_39550172 5月前
    benlangfeld: what about dealing with it in the default recipe? spox @ 20:01 
    spox: The library is loaded before the recipe is compiled, so that's not possible. benlangfeld @ 20:01  
    benlangfeld: possible if you're crafty spox @ 20:02 
    spox: How? benlangfeld @ 20:02  
    benlangfeld: i'll send a pull req later this afternoon spox @ 20:02
    spox: Thanks!
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  • weixin_39575937 weixin_39575937 5月前

    Ah, great, looking forward to that :-)

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  • weixin_39946327 weixin_39946327 5月前

    I opened https://github.com/edelight/chef-solo-search/pull/18 that covers ALL Chef 11 compat issues.

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