2020-12-09 06:34

Vault rework


We all know how Vault has aged over time, I mean hell it still only accepts player's name and OfflinePlayer. Would any of the project members object to a PR being done re-working it all?

This would be a breaking change (obviously) and should be branded as such in the version numbers too (2.0). I think it'd be best to rip out all of the player name and OfflinePlayer stuff and just replace them with UUID methods. All up-to-date libs implementing Vault use UUIDs anyway as far as I know so adapting to this new version would not take long at all.

If people want older libs they can just simply use an older version of Vault but at this point everything should use UUIDs no matter what.

So, would any of you members object to a PR being opened doing this? VaultAPI and Vault would be updated and then plugins such as LuckPerms, Essentials etc can all update from there.

Out with the old, in with the new.


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