2020-12-09 07:22

Allure report unknown

I downloaded container today. Immediately after running the container all is alright. The command was: docker run --user="$(id -u):$(id -g)" -p 5050:5050 -e CHECK_RESULTS_EVERY_SECONDS=3 -e KEEP_HISTORY=1 \ -v ${PWD}/allure-results:/app/allure-results \ frankescobar/all

--user="$(id -u):$(id -g)" - is because my boss install ubuntu with root for me firstly.

But after a first auto-detect of a new allure results on page of report (/allure-docker-service/projects/default/reports/latest/index.html) - ALLURE REPORT UNKNOWN.

Log of container: "Detecting results changes for PROJECT_ID: default Automatic Execution in Progress for PROJECT_ID: default... Creating history on results directory for PROJECT_ID: default ... mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/app/allure-docker-api/static/projects/default/results/history’: No such file or directory Copying history from previous results... cp: cannot create directory '/app/allure-docker-api/static/projects/default/results/history': No such file or directory Creating executor.json for PROJECT_ID: default /app/generateAllureReport.sh: line 57: /app/allure-docker-api/static/projects/default/results/executor.json: No such file or directory Generating report for PROJECT_ID: default Report successfully generated to /app/allure-docker-api/static/projects/default/reports/latest Storing report history for PROJECT_ID: default BUILD_ORDER:2 Status: 200"


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