2020-12-09 10:03


sample for enrolling a new device based on x509. In combination with createCertificate.js this will speed up testing with device provisioning service


  • [x] I have read the [contribution guidelines] (https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-sdk-node/blob/master/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md).
  • [x] I added or modified the existing tests to cover the change (we do not allow our test coverage to go down).
  • If this is a modification that impacts the behavior of a public API
  • [ ] I edited the corresponding document in the devdoc folder and added or modified requirements.

Reference/Link to the issue solved with this PR (if any)

Description of the problem

Description of the solution


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  • weixin_39884832 weixin_39884832 4月前

    would you mind renaming the existing sample create_individual_enrollment to create_individual_tpm_enrollment too as part of the same pull request? so as to have consistent file names? thanks! #Closed

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  • weixin_39758032 weixin_39758032 4月前

    Not sure how to change the other file in the same request. I've made the request in the website and not in VScode. I'm trying to sync the repo, but I cannot find this pull request. Any suggestions?

    I'm working on the other changes. Hope to finish early next week. #Closed

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  • weixin_39884832 weixin_39884832 4月前

    pulling this repository won't help because the pull-request commits exist in your own fork of the repository (here: https://github.com/FabianKLS/azure-iot-sdk-node/tree/patch-4)

    you can push new commits to this branch and they will automatically appear here. detailed steps:

    1. clone your fork
    git clone https://github.com/FabianKLS/azure-iot-sdk-node
    1. switch to the patch-4 branch
    git checkout patch-4
    1. make your changes
    2. commit them
    git add <changed-files>
    git commit -m "Message explaining the change"
    1. push the changes so that they get picked up in the pull request:
    git push origin patch-4

    using VS Code and its git integration should help with steps 3-4 at least #Closed

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  • weixin_39758032 weixin_39758032 4月前

    I've changed the samples files to use Argv instead of process.argv[2]. I've also updated the readme.

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  • weixin_39884832 weixin_39884832 4月前

    Thanks a lot - only a couple of typos left to iron out I believe.

    In reply to: 357617899

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  • weixin_39884832 weixin_39884832 4月前

    I would rather have package-lock.json not checked in yet - not until we fully validate npm 5 support at least :) can you remove this?

    Refers to: provisioning/service/samples/package-lock.json:19 in 1d5a34a.

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  • weixin_39758032 weixin_39758032 4月前

    I've made all the requested changes and commited these

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