2020-12-09 10:23

<BT6518990>Need a better directory tree structure to arrange different component samples

**READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq**** Inside SWAN :http://swsblweb1.central.sun.com:8080/CrPrint?id=6518990 Outside SWAN :http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6518990 *READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq Ends* **READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq**** Description I am testing SDK b05 (app platforms). When I installed the SDK build, I see many samples are put directly under samples directory, it makes the tree structure not so clean.

Could we add a subcomponent name as a subdirectory under samples directory, just like the way we arranged the javaee5 samples.

Suggested directory tree: .../samples/subcomname/differentsamples

I mark this issue as P2 since I feel if we decide to fix then it is better to fix in Beta.

**READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq Ends* *READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq**** Description Hi Sreeni: Here are the info requested:

  • sdk build which is used: It is SDK b05
  • what components were selected: This bug is regarding to all the components. We should have a sub directory under samples directory.
  • list of samples: Here are the samples we have under samples directory, as you can see there is no component sub directory, I like the way you arranged javaee5, so I suggest other component sample should also follow this way.

d:\AppServer Install\sdkup3pv\samples>ls atomserver common.properties jsf-extensions wadl blogapps index.html phobos bp-project javaee5 quickstart common-ant.xml jmaki rest-impl

**READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq Ends* *READ-ONLY Data from Bugtraq**** Justification Priority changed from [] to [2-High]a better tree structure to arrange the sample XXXXXX 2007-01-30 02:40:26 GMT

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