2020-12-09 11:10

Web fragment resources not found on exploded War

I tried to use exploded Wars with included and also exploded Web Fragments for shorter development turn arounds. This didn't really work out because the WebappClassLoader ignores resources in META-INF/resources. Example war directory structure: ExplodedWar WEB-INF lib WebFragment.jar(directory) META-INF/resources hello.html If WebFragment.jar is packaged as Jar 'hello.html' is found fine. Our workaround for now is to use custom javax.faces.view.facelets.ResourceResolver which first calls WebappClassLoader#getResource("META-INF/resources" + path) in Development project stage.



Affected Versions



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  • weixin_39603217 weixin_39603217 5月前
    • Issue Imported From: https://github.com/javaee/glassfish/issues/20777
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  • weixin_39603217 weixin_39603217 5月前

    Commented This issue was imported from java.net JIRA GLASSFISH-20777

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  • weixin_39603217 weixin_39603217 5月前

    Commented Reported by michael.friedrich

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  • weixin_39778106 weixin_39778106 5月前

    This issue has been marked as inactive and old and will be closed in 7 days if there is no further activity. If you want the issue to remain open please add a comment

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