2020-12-09 11:13

4.0 SDK: EJB samples need to be removed from Web Distribution

This issue is being reported to track the packaging changes required for the Web Distribution. Below is the context of the task.

| This has been postponed to b83 since I run into build issues related to sample separation and wanted to | avoid further promotion delays. | | Thanks, | | Snjezana |

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I'm looking at the GF4.0 build 82 Web Distribution and I still see the 4 EJB samples. My understanding based on the email below was that only 1 sample would be included in the distribution (ejb32-war). If so, when do you plan resolve this.

Please advise.

Alex Pineda

On 3/26/2013 6:05 PM, Snjezana Sevo-Zenzerovic wrote:


I actually asked about this couple of days ago and this is the answer I got back from Qiang who ported EJB samples:

By now, there have been 4 EJB samples available which are automatic-timer, ejb32-war, ejb-embedded and hello-stateless-ejb. I would suggest only ejb32-war be packaged in Web Profile. Because automatic-timer contans remote interface and persistence timer, hello-stateless-ejb contains remote >interface and ejb-embedded is not a feature of EJB Lite 3.2. I am planning to implement this content split in SDK b82.



----- Original Message ----- From: alex.pineda.com To: marina.vatkina.com Cc: Tom.Mueller.com, snjezana.sevozenzerovic.com, padma.rengavittal.com, bhavya.h.s.com Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 2:01:19 AM GMT +01:00 Amsterdam / Berlin / Bern / Rome / Stockholm / Vienna Subject: EJB samples in the SDK Web distribution


We just received promoted SDK build 81 and I noticed that the Web/Full distributions have the same EJB samples. I wonder if they should be as I believe the Web distribution has limited support for EJB (that was the case in GF 3.x). I just tried the sample hello-stateless-ejb-bean, and it worked in the Full distribution, but I saw errors in the Web distribution while trying to deploy. This was a very quick test, thus, the reason for the question, and before I spend more time trying to file bugs. I thought I should ask. Can you please tell us if all the EJB samples belong in both distributions.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Pineda


java_ee_sdk-7-web-b81-unix.sh or java_ee_sdk-7-web-b82-jdk7-linux.sh, OEL6 system, JDK1.7.0_13.

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