2020-12-09 12:03

Attorney check out | Add an issue

When an attorney is checking out a draft decision to a judge where they've addressed an issue that wasn't yet tracked for the appeal, they need to add that issue, so that the Veteran's record is up to date for judge review.

Acceptance Criteria

  • [ ] Verify that when a user clicks the "Add issue" of the disposition screen they are taken to a page called "Add issue"
  • [ ] Verify that under "Add issue" there are the following dropdown labeled "Select Program" and "Select Issue'
  • [ ] Verify that there is a sub section called "Subsidiary Questions or Other Tracking Identifier(s)" **Note: These dropdown are conditional. For example, some issues only let you select two levels others three. This logic can be found here: Appendix F - VACOLS Issue Logic
  • Verify that there are conditional dropdown for Levels 1 to 3
  • [ ] Verify that after Level 3 there is a notes Input field
  • [ ] Verify that there is a link to the bottom left of the canvas with the following copy "Go back to Select Disposition" and takes them to the Select Dispositions screen
  • [ ] Verify that there is a button on the bottom right called "Add issue"
  • [ ] Verify that it adds the new issue below the last issue in the Select Dispositions screen #4471
  • [ ] Verify that new issues are added to VACOLS

Style guide components (top to bottom)

  • Header
  • Dropdown
  • Text input field
  • Link
  • Primary button
  • Footer

Mocks and specs

add issue screen

Related issues

4471 - Enter Issue Dispositions


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  • weixin_39603823 weixin_39603823 5月前

    Is the concept of adding an issue the same across Caseflow? Hearing prep adds issue using a free text field I believe (according to Demo). If it's the same logic, are we just hiding some in the UI or are we using different logic based on app needs? +1 to replicating existing issue logic if possible and reaching out to Intake.

    screen shot 2018-02-01 at 1 51 14 pm

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  • weixin_39845825 weixin_39845825 5月前

    ah yes - thanks for catching that I don't think we can re-use that.

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  • weixin_39603823 weixin_39603823 5月前

    Awesome asked Intake and they aren't structuring it anyway since they are assuming no AMA will touch VACOLS. So, I think that means we don't have an issue model across apps?

    If so, is it okay just to import from VACOLS? It might also be worth asking from a req standpoint if we need to include all the levels. Not sure if this is just for data purposes or if they actually have real implications on the appeal. Seems like a David Aimes or Lit support question that I will track down.

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  • weixin_39968490 weixin_39968490 5月前

    No rush, but Phillip mentioned you might have a text dump of the descriptions/etc found in Appendix F - VACOLS Issue Logic that we could use on the front-end

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  • weixin_39640262 weixin_39640262 5月前

    I don't have it. We need to somehow get that list.

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  • weixin_39603823 weixin_39603823 5月前

    AC details added and uploaded mock

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  • weixin_39929259 weixin_39929259 5月前

    — will these dropdowns have thousands of choices?

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  • weixin_39603823 weixin_39603823 5月前

    Not thousands but quite a few. however, hoping we should be able to pull from existing issues logic and issue data? See Appendix F - VACOLS Issue Logic

    I would assume that we would initially have to pull in most (almost all) of the programs and issues listed here barring some changes due to updates or removal of outdated issues. Levels are conditional based upon what issue is chosen per the above Appendix.

    Finding out what is essential here.

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  • weixin_39929259 weixin_39929259 5月前

    — in that spreadsheet you linked, every time it says "Diagnostic code" there are a lot of potential options.

    See https://github.com/department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow/blob/master/lib/constants/issue.rb, I'm not sure that list is complete either.

    I think Intake should be doing some similar issue creation work, have you connected with them? We should attempt to share a component/some logic here if we can.

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  • weixin_39845825 weixin_39845825 5月前

    the link you list is one that put together over the holidays as an attempt to make issues actually human readable. the hope is that they are used for appeals status, but they'd have to be approved.

    and the Hearing Prep team currently add and edit issues. can we reuse logic there?

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