2020-12-25 17:20

Certificates not generated If user added to course manually and set to completed

When adding a user manually to a course or setting it as completed from learner management certificates are not generated for those users.

Screenshot: http://cld.wthms.co/12Hv4

Ticket: https://woothemes.zendesk.com/agent/#/tickets/213679


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  • weixin_39616798 weixin_39616798 4月前

    Any update on this one yet man. :)

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  • weixin_39743824 weixin_39743824 4月前

    I commented on the ticket, but this is fixed in v1.6.6 which will be released today or Monday morning

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  • weixin_39616798 weixin_39616798 4月前

    Awesome man and thanks :)


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  • weixin_39812533 weixin_39812533 4月前

    The certificate is generated via the action 'sensei_log_activity_after' when a 'sensei_course_end' log entry is made. This happens naturally during normal usage, but the function add_new_learners() within class-woothemes-sensei-learners.php iterates through all lessons within a course calling "WooThemes_Sensei_Utils::sensei_start_lesson" marking each lesson as complete, but never adds the final 'sensei_course_end' log entry.

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