2020-12-25 17:32

Can't set a test license token in an Outlook addin

I'm trying to set a test license token in an Outlook add-in. According to the documentation, I have to set it in the SourceLocation in the manifest file:

<Form xsi:type="ItemRead">
    <SourceLocation DefaultValue="https://localhost:3000?et=%3Cr%3E%0A%20%20%3..."/>

The problem is, when I try to get the URL query params, it won't work. window.location looks like this:


Any idea why it's happening?


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  • weixin_39799307 weixin_39799307 4月前

    sorry to hear that you've run into this problem. can you please look into this?

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  • weixin_39581571 weixin_39581571 4月前

    Great thanks!

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  • weixin_39836876 weixin_39836876 4月前

    see comment on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54026756/cant-set-a-test-license-token-in-an-outlook-addin

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  • weixin_39799307 weixin_39799307 4月前

    thanks for the pointer to the related question on Stack Overflow.

    and I'm going to close this issue in the OfficeDev/office-js repo; please continue to engage as necessary on the related Stack Overflow post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54026756/cant-set-a-test-license-token-in-an-outlook-addin. (Stack Overflow question/answer is more likely to be discovered by / useful to other developers than this issue here in OfficeDev/office-js.)

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