2020-12-25 17:56

Impossible to enable a scheduled job that isn't enabled immediately


  • XO origin: the sources
  • Versions:
  • Node: v8.17.0
  • xo-web: xo-web 5.56.2
  • xo-server: xo-server 5.56.2

Expected behavior

Ideally the 'Enable immediately after creation' control should be on by default. Also, this control should be available when later editing, to be able to enable the job if it was created disabled.

Current behavior

When creating a scheduled job, the default state of the 'Enable immediately after creation' control is off. If you forget to enable this, when you later go in to edit the schedule, this control isn't available, so there is no way to enable the job.


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  • weixin_39831493 weixin_39831493 3月前

    It does look like there is an equivalent option in the 'Jobs' list under 'Schedules'. However, would be more obvious if there was a way to enable and disable when editing a schedule (since this option is there when creating one).

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  • weixin_39546312 weixin_39546312 3月前

    Oh OK! We'll fix that, then.

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  • weixin_39988779 weixin_39988779 3月前

    We are talking about jobs here, not backup jobs :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • weixin_39546312 weixin_39546312 3月前

    Hi, to enable it, you just need to click the button in the "Schedules" column:


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