2020-12-25 18:24

Collection - Poster and Fanart

Describe the bug The first time I clicked on collections in the new MediaElch 2.6.3-2019-10-26_12-08, it closed. I reopened, waited 2 minutes (made a coffee), and then clicked on collections again. It opened and I could navigate through them. Some are with Poster and Fanart and some are not. So I went to see what is the difference between image collection folder and no image collection folder. Collections that are already showing Poster and Fanart, for example, in my collection named Audrey Hepburn, have 2 new files: Audrey Hepburn-fanart.jpg Audrey Hepburn-poster.jpg baseFileName-fanart.jpg baseFileName-poster.jpg fanart.jpg folder.jpg poster.jpg

I had imagined that <baseFileName> would be the name of the collection. So I figured that because a file with the same name already exists inside the folder, MediaElch created these new ones with the name baseFileName. As I have other collections, I went to test with a collection that only contained fanart.jpg, folder.jpg and poster.jpg files, without files with the collection name. In the collection, I clicked on poster and fanart, I chose local image, and selected in the folder itself the fanart.jpg and the poster.jpg Even so the same 2 files were created baseFileName-fanart.jpg baseFileName-poster.jpg

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior: Above already described

Expected behavior That files are created with the collection name, in the folder that uses the same collection name.

Screenshots Not applicable

MediaElch Version: - [x] 2.6.3-dev (nightly) 2019-10-26_12-08 Portable Mode - [ ] 2.6.2 stable

Operating System: - [x] Windows - [ ] macOS - [ ] Linux (distribution: ___)

Additional context As I found this behavior strange, I decided to communicate here. If I'm creating too much trouble, please tell me to shut up.

I installed in Portable Mode the version 2.6.3-2019-10-26_12-08 I enjoyed and checked if the missing years of versions 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 are showing up in this. I see everyone, no problem. Everything is OK.

So I went to check my collections. All folders in my collections already had 3 files: fanart.jpg folder.jpg poster.jpg These are the files I created for use in previous versions of MediaElch. Some used in version 4. As I realized that the file naming criteria has changed, In some collection folders I made copies of the files and renamed them using the collection name. For example, in my collection named Audrey Hepburn, it looked like this: Audrey Hepburn-fanart.jpg Audrey Hepburn-poster.jpg fanart.jpg folder.jpg poster.jpg


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  • weixin_39672011 weixin_39672011 3月前

    I believe the collection/set in this context means that the collection names should be as scraped by the TMDb scraper. Is there a collection on TMDb called "Audrey Hepburn"?

    Secondly, the collection artwork stuff does not work at the moment from what I can tell. No fanart/poster scraping takes place in the "Sets" area of Media Elch. See issue: https://github.com/Komet/MediaElch/issues/800

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  • weixin_39605647 weixin_39605647 3月前

    No, TMDb does not have an Audrey Hepburn collection. If the collection does not exist in TMDb, cannot create here in MediaElch? Is it only possible to create in Kodi? Kodi gives as an example people who prefer to merge the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings collections into a The Middle Earth Collection or similar. And TMDb doesn't have a Middle-Earth collection.

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  • weixin_39672011 weixin_39672011 3月前

    There are two aspects to this. You can create custom collections using whatever collection name you want in the nfo files for movies in a given custom collection. But then I think there won’t be any way for tmdb scraper to find the collection on tmdb to download artwork. You can manually select/add artwork perhaps. But I haven’t tried that.

    might have more info and can correct my understanding.

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  • weixin_39605647 weixin_39605647 3月前

    You can manually select/add artwork perhaps. But I haven’t tried that.

    Since my first MediaElch (2.0.1.zip = 2013-12-16), collection arts are manually added to the folder and when not automatically appearing in the UI, selected by clicking and choosing local image. I think the TMDb Scraper for Collections never worked. So for my use, no problem.

    < But then I think there won’t be any way for tmdb scraper to find the collection on tmdb to download artwork.

    If in the UI to make the Collection Scraper, there is an editable text box with the search terms (original title or local title or TMDb ID), just as there is in the Movie Scraper UI, then I have no problem either. I can tell a lie to TMDb, say that my collection is called Hobbit, when in fact it is called Middle-Earth. Or just enter the Hobbit Collection ID, id121938. If that is not possible, well, we will do everything manually.

    You might want to put in the UI that makes the Collection Scraper a button that, when pressed, updates collection data in the NFO of all movies that belong to this collection.

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