2020-12-25 18:39

WP Smush lazyload - Images are hidden when our lazyload is enabled

WP Smush has a lazyload functionality: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/smush-image-lazy-load-free/

When that's enabled in combination to WP Rocket's lazyload, images aren't displayed because of these CSS rules which WP Smuch adds:

<style>.no-js img.lazyload {
    display: none

figure.wp-block-image img.lazyloading {
    min-width: 150px

.lazyloading {
    opacity: 0

.lazyloaded {
    opacity: 1;
    transition: opacity 400ms;
    transition-delay: 0ms


Proposed compatibility solution:

Detect if WP Smush is installed and the lazyload feature is activated, and display a notification and/or prevent WP Rocket's lazyload from being activated.

Related ticket: https://secure.helpscout.net/conversation/948513882/121859/


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  • weixin_39522486 weixin_39522486 3月前

    I followed the QA steps and found these:

    Step 4: After updating WP Rocket to the 3.4.2-alpha 1 our lazyload option was greyed out but still enabled: https://i.vgy.me/aqcIpV.jpg

    Step 6: There wasn't any notice in the UI about WP Smush.

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  • weixin_39843215 weixin_39843215 3月前

    When is this going to be released?

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  • weixin_39944074 weixin_39944074 3月前

    it's in version 3.4.2 released a couple days ago

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  • weixin_39843215 weixin_39843215 3月前

    Where can I download it? the last release that's available right now in wordpress plugins is 3.3.2.

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