2020-12-25 18:47

Relax configuration validation checks

Hey there! Great gem, thanks for making it open source.

Here are a couple of tweaks for configuration headaches I ran into while setting up the gem. Obviously, this is stuff users could do before passing in the configuration, but I think it's always preferable to play nice when it's no skin off the gem's teeth.


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  • weixin_39805087 weixin_39805087 4月前


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  • weixin_39557087 weixin_39557087 4月前

    Thanks !

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  • weixin_39887715 weixin_39887715 4月前

    Thanks for the fast response! It'd be excellent if a release could be cut when you get a chance.

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  • weixin_39557087 weixin_39557087 4月前

    Just released 1.0.3.

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