2020-12-25 19:31

Docs are not getting deleted for delete in CBL app for test_default_conflict_scenario_delete_win Test

Library Version

Example: 2.1.0-db207

.NET Runtime

.NET Core 207

Operating System / Device Details

Windows 10

Log Output


Expected behavior

docs should get deleted from SG as they got deleted from CBL app

Actual behavior

Docs from SG is not getting deleted.

Steps To Reproduce

    1. Create docs in CBL.
    2. Replicate docs to SG with push_pull and continous False
    3. Wait until replication is done and stop replication
    4. update doc in Sg and delete doc in CBL/ delete doc in Sg and update doc in CBL
    5. Verify delete wins

Run below command - pytest -s --timeout 3600 --liteserv-version=2.1.0-207 --liteserv-host= --liteserv-port=8080 --sg-ssl --sync-gateway-vers ion=2.1.0-121 --mode=cc --server-version=5.5.0-2958 --liteserv-platform=net-msft --create-db-per-test=cbl-test testsuites/CBLTester/CBL_Functional_tests/TestSetup_FunctionalTes ts/ -k test_default_conflict_scenario_delete_wins

Reproduction Project

git clone https://github.com/couchbaselabs/mobile-testkit.git git checkout feature/diff-cbl20-master


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  • weixin_39943442 weixin_39943442 4月前

    By the way log output means CBL log output. Putting the test output just confirms that a problem happened but doesn't provide much insight.

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  • weixin_39943442 weixin_39943442 4月前

    Also does it fail without the --sg-ssl option?

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  • weixin_39943442 weixin_39943442 4月前

    I found the issue, so a new RC build will be needed. Very strange that this fails now but didn't fail for 2.0 (maybe a change in LiteCore triggered it). It's quite possible the cause is the same for the other issues filed.

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  • weixin_39695701 weixin_39695701 4月前

    Tested with 221 build. Tests are passing now. Hence closing the issue.

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