2020-12-25 19:34


I download 1.4.2 for desktop windows 10. error migrating data. I download 1.4.3 for desktop windows 10. same error

I can't access my IOTA. I can't verify if I've been stolen. Moreover I don't know who to ask. Not customer service in iota web. And I have to write an ISSUE here. This is not really what someone expects. Not professional at all.

In spanish: Muy LAMENTABLE.



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  • weixin_39559079 weixin_39559079 4月前

    Hello Federico. The migrating error should have been fixed in 1.4.3, please try to run it again using version 1.4.3.. If that is still not possible, the whole migration indicates that you used a VERY old version of Trinity, and should then not be affected of the exploit that came in 1.2.X versions.

    Please read https://medium.com//how-to-check-your-balance-without-using-trinity-e1cac78e97a7 for how to lookup your funds without using Trinity.

    Also, beware of scammers lurking around this space. Never share your seed with ANYONE.

    If it still doesnt work after trying to migrate again with 1.4.3, please make sure you have your seeds backed up, then reset the wallet. This you can do from Advanced settings.

    t00k, Discord Moderator. Not part of IF.

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  • weixin_39559079 weixin_39559079 4月前

    First of all. This isnt a bank, this is crypto.

    And I am just a Discord moderator, not a dev. Trying to help you out.

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  • weixin_39759155 weixin_39759155 4月前

    Hi . Do you have your seed(s) backed up?

    If you do, simply uninstall the app, reinstall and reenter your seed(s).

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  • weixin_39827585 weixin_39827585 4月前

    Thank you Cvarley. That is will I do. That is a good solution

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