2020-12-25 22:08

Fix Vision

Fixes the issue where units would teleport to different corners of the map after re-entering vision. Replaced NotifyEnterVision with LeaguePackets' NotifyEnterVisibilityClient. Replaced NotifySetHealth with LeaguePackets' NotifyEnterLocalVisibilityClient.

Fixed sometimes losing vision of a unit when a raycast stops where it started.

Fixed not being able to see through the NavGridFlag 0x40 (SEE_THROUGH, or TransparentWall), this consequently fixes not being able to attack units that are behind a see through part of the NavGrid, such as Inhibitors and Nexus'. NOTE: This is only applicable if the NavGrid has the flag. In the case were it does not, unless you decide to edit the NavGrid, use the fix suggested by #845.

When merging, close #580 and #843.


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