2020-12-25 23:52

Tensorboard projector module not displaying

I am unable to use Tensorboard Projector module with guild.

Here is what I do: * Run an operation that (only) pushes embeddings to Tensorboard * Run guild tensorboard * In Tensorboard, this specific tensorboard run does not appear in the list, and the Projector module is not available (in the top orange navigation bar).

However, if I run Tensorboard manually (tensorboard --logdir venv/.guild/runs/7ac129a6c51d414884179fbe03bd6ea7), it works fine and the Projector appears. This is what makes me think it may be a guild issue.

Here is how my Tensorboard runs folder structure look like:

└── Dec19_13-47-32_ip-172-20-211-222
    ├── 00000
    │   ├── offers_resumes_val
    │   │   ├── metadata.tsv
    │   │   └── tensors.tsv
    │   └── offers_val
    │       ├── metadata.tsv
    │       └── tensors.tsv
    ├── events.out.tfevents.1576763252.ip-172-20-211-222.7638.0
    └── projector_config.pbtxt


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