2020-12-26 00:14

Conflict with a python file name of the core

In a past pull-request #44, two files from the SolidMechanicsApplication were copied to the core and modified internally to do different things:

assign_scalar_to_conditions_process.py assign_vector_to_conditions_process.py

Then the name of one of the files was changed to avoid conflicts but one file remained with the same name. So now there are

assign_scalar_to_conditions_process.py assign_vector_to_condition_process.py

For consistency the first file must be renamed as


This will solve the conflict that exists now, because the file of the SolidMechanicsApplication is hidden by the one in the core.


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  • weixin_39760433 weixin_39760433 4月前

    Hi -m-carbonell!!

    After a short discussion with , we think that the best way to proceed is to rename the core processes in the way below:

    • assign_scalar_to_conditions_process.py to assign_scalar_variable_to_conditions_process.py
    • assign_vector_to_condition_process.py to assign_vector_variable_to_conditions_process.py

    In this way the name convention is the same as the other core processes and the conflicts with the SolidMechanicsApplication are avoided. Is this ok?

    (I will do the changes ASAP)

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  • weixin_39858298 weixin_39858298 4月前

    For me it is ok. Thank you!

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  • weixin_39760433 weixin_39760433 4月前

    Done!! -m-carbonell, would you mind running your tests to be sure that everything is ok? Thank you! (PR #768, branch name: fix-condition-processes-naming)

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  • weixin_39858298 weixin_39858298 4月前

    All tests worked, thank you !

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