2020-12-26 00:27

404 page inherits some sources

I have a 404 page and I noticed through the DS profiler that it inherits some of the DSs from the original page that throwed a 404 (based on a DS) although no DS's were assigned to the 404 page itself. Also, besides showing up of the DSs in the DS profiler, there is no XML returned from the DSs in the XML debug view.

Another inheritance case: The 404 page inherits by default all of the events from the page that throwed the 404. Again, no events were assigned in the settings of the 404 page itself. Is this a feature?

SCMS 2.3.2RC1, Profile Devkit 1.2, Debug Devkit 1.2.3, PHP 5.4.6

I will supply more info if needed. Thanks.


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