2020-12-26 00:45

Kestrel return 404 when is run as a windows service

Hi I'm having trouble with running my asp.net core 1.1 application as a windows service (I'm using dot.net framework 4.6.2). My setup code looks as follows:

 var host = new WebHostBuilder()

after installing my application as as a windows service (with sc create command) I'm getting 404 when requesting http://localhost:5000 address. The service is running and the response contains header "Server: Kestrel". When I run my application as a regular console app (using host.Run() instead of host.RunAsService()) everything works as it should (http://localhost:5000 return my page) What am I missing here? How to make my application work as a windows service?


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  • weixin_39528843 weixin_39528843 4月前

    The doc for this is almost ready. Your content root is most likely wrong. https://github.com/aspnet/Docs/pull/3060/files#diff-3a33a1126f222fba5d3dac1f77cf8da5R42

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  • weixin_39738380 weixin_39738380 4月前

    I'm not convinced that the path is the problem. I attached debugger and check that it's ok (I've used also code from the link you provided and there is no difference in result). How can I diagnose that the path is really a culprit?

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  • weixin_39729837 weixin_39729837 4月前

    You first step to diagnosing anything would be to enable logging. It should tell you exactly what's wrong.

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  • weixin_39781550 weixin_39781550 4月前

    Closing this one. Please file another bug if you still have issues.

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