2020-12-26 00:56

Switch to strict mode

For use with js packagers and transpilers that throw the global scope into strict mode.

Alternative to https://github.com/npm/node-tar/pull/76 closes #74


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  • weixin_39521808 weixin_39521808 4月前

    Lgtm ill run it past the cli team to see what they think.

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  • weixin_39684454 weixin_39684454 4月前

    I think it might also be worth switching to strict mode for the modules. I'm trying to find proof but I think some runtimes will run a little faster if we do. At the very least we'll ensure valid strict mode code. I can amend this PR if you like.

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  • weixin_39521808 weixin_39521808 4月前

    so the reasoning behind this change is babel and friends force strict mode on the runtime when compiling and while modules can be excluded its friction where there could probably be none.

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  • weixin_39602615 weixin_39602615 4月前

    Done on v3.

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