2020-12-26 01:31

add --no-verify option, add XF86Sleep to --pass-power-keys

Hi ,

I have two small changes for i3lock-color: - a --no-verify option that unlocks the screen on any password. Useful for trying out new configs while setting up i3lock (and on PCs where it serves more as a decoration than actual access control) - --pass-power-keys also passes XF86Sleep

I know I probably should have split this into two pull requests, if you insist I can try to work out how to do that.

Hope you're okay with these changes. Best, Martin


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  • weixin_39558221 weixin_39558221 4月前

    +1 would love to see this in the future!

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  • weixin_39622419 weixin_39622419 4月前

    I'm ok with XF86Sleep being merged. For the no-verify option, can you add more documentation stressing that this should only be used for testing? Also, remove the -x option, as that will be too easy to forget and leave into an actual configuration. I'll be happy to merge your PR once these things are fixed.

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  • weixin_39727743 weixin_39727743 4月前

    thanks for maintaining this project! Should be all good now.

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  • weixin_39622419 weixin_39622419 4月前

    Excellent. Thanks for contributing!

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