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Falling through mesh collider

Thanks for a great cc, and for providing it for free. It is a really nice project you got going here!

The problem is, as stated in the title, that i fall through my mesh using a mesh collider and having the bsp tree script attached. The TempCast layer is there as well. If i drop a sphere collider (it's a planet-like mesh) on, everything works fine. Because of clefts and hills and such that wont work of course.

I can see that you are using the same setup for the space level in your example application, and i was wondering if there are some steps i am missing in order to get the mesh collider working?

Again, thanks for stepping in where an otherwise great platform is lacking!


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  • weixin_39614262 weixin_39614262 2020-12-26 02:20

    What layer is the object on? Could you post a screenshot of the inspector with the object in question selected? The player in the project is currently configured to collide with objects on the Default layer.

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  • weixin_39846898 weixin_39846898 2020-12-26 02:20

    For the time being i haven't changed much, so the planet is on the Default layer, and the SCC has Default as the walkable layer. Thank you for replying so quickly. Here are the screenshots:

    screen shot 2015-10-07 at 14 47 04 screen shot 2015-10-07 at 14 50 17

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  • weixin_39614262 weixin_39614262 2020-12-26 02:20


    I can't see anything extremely abnormal there. Have you scaled up the mesh used for the mesh collider at all? I recall someone else having issues with their mesh when it was hugely scaled up. Also, I'm assuming you have basically directly replaced the SphereDemoLevel object in the SpaceZone scene with your own planetoid, which ideally wouldn't make any issues.

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  • weixin_39846898 weixin_39846898 2020-12-26 02:20

    Thanks again, you were right - the problem was that my mesh were scaled in blender and applying that scale solved the falling through problem. It was a new project only making use of the cc actually, but when i stumbled upon this problem i reconstructed the example project to see if there could be something i were missing.

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