2020-12-26 02:35

Question: Cypht logs me quite often out

Hi there

first of all - I love Cypht because of the minimalistic but useful design and I love to work with it.

Unfortunately I´ll get logged out in apriodic times. Today I tried to answer a mail and got logout three times before finishing.

Am I the only one? What can and should I change? Is somewher a log file I can check?

Thank You.


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  • weixin_39524834 weixin_39524834 4月前

    Yikes, that is no good! Cypht has a "keep my logged in" function you can enable in the ini file, however it does reduce some of the session security features. Might be a useful data point to enable that and see if your login issues persist. I'm heading out of town for a few days, but will get follow up when I get back. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • weixin_39675215 weixin_39675215 4月前

    You need to set 'keep my logged in' for this indeed otherwise it keeps logging you out on inactivity which is the idea of Cypht by default.

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  • weixin_39524834 weixin_39524834 4月前

    -sar I forgot that the idle timeout module is active by default - though it should not log you out while you are composing a message. I would recommend disabling the module set to see if it makes a difference.

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  • weixin_39524834 weixin_39524834 4月前

    I have not heard back, so I'm going to close this. If you are still having issues and want help resolving, please re-open or file a new issue and I will be happy to help. I cannot reproduce this issue, so without feedback there is nothing I can do to address your specific issue. Thanks again for the feedback.

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