2020-12-26 02:59

Compilation warnings

Fixed compilation warnings (seen in Android Studio) due to: - returning const bool - unused named function params


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  • weixin_39668408 weixin_39668408 4月前

    Just to confirm this is also on a windows machine, right?

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  • weixin_39580564 weixin_39580564 4月前

    Yes it is. Windows 10, Android studio 2.3 RC1

    Le 1 mars 2017 5:41 PM, "Varun" a écrit :

    Just to confirm this is also on a windows machine, right?

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  • weixin_39901404 weixin_39901404 4月前

    The change for ignored-qualifiers warnings is certainly good.

    For unused parameters I would prefer -Wno-unused-parameter instead. We should discuss it in the team.

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  • weixin_39869043 weixin_39869043 4月前

    Changes partly incorporated into https://github.com/tangrams/tangram-es/pull/1335 and merged.

    Still haven't addressed the unused parameter warning.

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