2020-12-26 03:46

App Launcher component

Create a React component based on the corresponding SLDS component.

Acceptance criteria: - [x] The App Launcher (aka App Launcher modal) should be shown when the App Launcher icon (aka Waffle) is clicked. - [x] See https://latest-206.lightningdesignsystem.com/components/global-navigation for the App Launcher icon - [x] The modal should have a title. The containing app should be able to set component props in order to set up this title to support localization. - [x] The modal should have a search box in the top-center (to the right of the title) with the placeholder text "Find an app" - [ ] Typing into the search box should lead to a type-ahead search which should match any apps whose title (NOT description) matches the text (issue #450) - [x] The modal should have a button titled "App Exchange" on the top right. The button should pop open a URL in a new tab. The app consuming the control should be able to set this URL. - [ ] The app relative order must be maintained in the search results (issue #450) - [x] Only All Apps section needs to be supported at this time - [ ] Draggability is NOT required at this time. We will bring that in as incremental work in a separate issue since we don't have the ability to store item locations on the server at this time. (created ticket #487) - [ ] Launcher control must have unit tests that test all the props and state (issue #431) - [ ] Unit tests must provide >90% test coverage (issue #431)

For clarifications and details on this issue please talk to .


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  • weixin_39798579 weixin_39798579 4月前

    This should be based on the https://github.com/salesforce-ux/slds-for-react-global-nav/tree/master/src/app-launcher component which was already created, updated to match the official SLDS pattern where it differs and to fit into this repo.

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  • weixin_39585974 weixin_39585974 4月前

    At the SFX Review today the Salesforce core team said that they cut the menu (or dropdown) part of the app launcher. See this slide for details: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1A03xG6W_63uJBglrghYG3y3RaTRToEY1Mwllc6dySPA/edit#slide=id.g1521650736_1_0. So I will be reducing the scope of this issue to only deliver the modal. Clicking the Launcher Icon (aka Waffle) should pop open the modal window straightaway.

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  • weixin_39968640 weixin_39968640 4月前

    Got it, thanks

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  • weixin_39955938 weixin_39955938 4月前

    Closing this issue. Ongoing issues have been created and added to this sprint (even if they can't be completed), so this is just a shell with no additional info.

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