2020-12-26 04:39

Add VB Compile Property Page

Customer scenario

This will enable users to check/set compile properties for VB project through VS. This change also requires some SDK change for which I will open a PR soon and update the PR.

There will also be 2 followup PRs 1. To light up Advanced Compile Options page - #2005 2. To light up Build Events page - #2006

I will create a follow up PR to move the strings to Resources.

Update: SDK PR

Bugs this fixes:


Workarounds, if any



Low risk - since this just affects that page

Performance impact

None - since this is a new page, which just reflects the msbuild properties like any other page.

Is this a regression from a previous update? N/A

Root cause analysis: N/A

How was the bug found? N/A


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  • weixin_39841640 weixin_39841640 4月前

    Addressed your feedback

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  • weixin_39632467 weixin_39632467 4月前

    Oh and can you make the OutputTypeDyanmicEnumProvider use this base class as well?

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  • weixin_39841640 weixin_39841640 4月前

    Tagging for approval

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  • weixin_39841640 weixin_39841640 4月前

    Tagging /project-system for review

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