2020-12-26 05:24

Insecure permissions when moving Swap File

Not able to enable new swap configuration because of insecure permissions.

When executing the command sudo dphys-swapfile swapon, the following error occurs:

swapon: /mnt/hdd/swapfile: insecure permissions 0777, 0600 suggested.
swapon: /mnt/hdd/swapfile: read swap header failed

My node's dphys-swapfile file (using default settings only changing CONF_SWAPFILE and CONF_SWAPSIZE:

  GNU nano 2.7.4                   File: /etc/dphys-swapfile

# /etc/dphys-swapfile - user settings for dphys-swapfile package
# author Neil Franklin, last modification 2010.05.05
# copyright ETH Zuerich Physics Departement
#   use under either modified/non-advertising BSD or GPL license

# this file is sourced with . so full normal sh syntax applies

# the default settings are added as commented out CONF_*=* lines

# where we want the swapfile to be, this is the default

# set size to absolute value, leaving empty (default) then uses computed value
#   you most likely don't want this, unless you have an special disk situation

# set size to computed value, this times RAM size, dynamically adapts,
#   guarantees that there is enough swap without wasting disk space on excess

# restrict size (computed and absolute!) to maximally this limit
#   can be set to empty for no limit, but beware of filled partitions!
#   this is/was a (outdated?) 32bit kernel limit (in MBytes), do not overrun it
#   but is also sensible on 64bit to prevent filling /var or even / partition


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  • weixin_39929253 weixin_39929253 4月前

    Any progress? Do you think the guide needs to be changed somehow?

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  • weixin_39750598 weixin_39750598 4月前

    Changing the permision to 0600 using sudo chmod 0600 /mnt/hdd/swapfile didn't actually solve the problem, I'm still getting:

    swapon: /mnt/hdd/swapfile: insecure permissions 0777, 0600 suggested.
    swapon: /mnt/hdd/swapfile: read swap header failed

    I don't know why the permission is not changing, I have to check what may be the cause. Anyway, my node still up and running, but not sure what will happen if the swapfile persists in this unknown situation.

    Perhaps it is just a problem with my node, not sure if other people are experiencing it, I wouldn't change the guide yet.

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  • weixin_39929253 weixin_39929253 4月前

    Will close for now, probably the same issue as in #53, but please reopen if you cannot solve it.

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  • weixin_39929253 weixin_39929253 4月前

    Try setting the permissions 0600 for the swapfile with the following command (if the file has already been created): sudo chmod 0600 /mnt/hdd/swapfile

    Some additional infos: http://raspberrypimaker.com/adding-swap-to-the-raspberrypi/

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