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hackintosh suddenly freezes

Hi, I have the same motherboard as you but using the i7 8700k, I have everything working as your build, but I have noticed that sometimes when booting the Hackintosh from a cold boot into Mojave the hackintosh freezes randomly. I does not happen while booting but after I have logged into the OS and could be surfing or just on the homescreen when it freezes, i then need to power down/restart the pc. It will do this a couple of times consecutively and then all of a sudden it's running fine and wont crush at all the entire day.


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  • weixin_39517241 weixin_39517241 2020-12-26 11:50

    Add the guide: keepsyms=1 dart=0 slide=0 -disablegfxfirmware, The most important thing is slide=0

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  • weixin_39969143 weixin_39969143 2020-12-26 11:50

    I have the same issue as , I already have keepsyms=1 dart=0 slide=0

    Should slide=0 -disablegfxfirmware be on 1 line?

    Does it fix freezing issue mentioned above?

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  • weixin_39831001 weixin_39831001 2020-12-26 11:50

    try my efi. no freezing here.

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  • weixin_39969143 weixin_39969143 2020-12-26 11:50

    Thanks, already using your EFI. I have BCM94360CD / BCM94331CD to PCI-E PCI Express x1 Adapter with MacBook Air 13 A1465 A1466 2013 2014 WiFi Bluetooth Air Port Card BCM94360CS2 AP. When I added the card my WiFi + BT worked out of the box, but still same issues as described above.

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  • weixin_39637979 weixin_39637979 2020-12-26 11:50

    are you using a Sapphire Vega card? I had the same issue, and it was related to my sapphire Vega64 Nitro+. It does freeze from time to time, but so rare that i don’t even care.

    Also, you can check your OC settings - i noticed that osx handles the OC setting differently than windows.

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