2020-12-26 16:33

How to enable utterance?

Seems already support utterance, how to enable it and configging it? Any tutorials?


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  • weixin_39904268 weixin_39904268 4月前

    That works, thank you. BTW, how to disable the link button when using a external link?


    How to remove it?

    If I want click the link and jump a pdf file in my blog, what shoud I do and where should I place my pdf file? Many thanks!

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  • weixin_39830303 weixin_39830303 4月前

    The easy way, you could add a Custom CSS :

    .menu-item-link .iconfont {
      display: none;

    About the pdf file, you can put it to the static/ folder in your site root folder. The url path is /example.pdf .

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  • weixin_39986178 weixin_39986178 4月前

    How to using github comment in About page. I can have in article but not on about page.

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  • weixin_39830303 weixin_39830303 4月前

    You'd better see the utterances document first. Then add the options blew:


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  • weixin_39830303 weixin_39830303 4月前

    Check your about.md file, there is a line in the Front Matter :

    comment: false

    Just delete this line.

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