2020-12-27 03:55

Disable Lazy load of Image if the image has lazyLoad attribute

  • Export a site containing image component using .export.zip method

  • Extract the downloaded zip and open the .html file in your browser

  • Observe that the images are not displayed in the site even though they are present in the exported zip folder

  • Site Image links are written in a temporary path '/var/designs/' and written in the site before exporting the site and have a lazy Load disable attribute set in them

  • Page Exporter exports the images of the site in /var/designs/ directory in the zip

  • Image js again rewrites the links and thus breaking the img element upon page load

  • Don't rewrite the links upon page load if the image doesn't allow lazy load

  • CQ-4241179

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  • weixin_39761573 weixin_39761573 3月前

    , : closing this as this is not the proper fix and there was no answer to previous comment describing recommended alternatives.

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  • weixin_39761573 weixin_39761573 3月前

    I'm not sure what you're trying to do. It seems that you are trying to disable smart loading of images. That happens automatically when lazy loading is disabled and there's only one allowed image width.

    Lazy loading means deferring image load to when it enters the viewport, it's only one aspect of smart loading.

    Like I said before, ideally you would also rewrite the data-cmp-src attribute from the exporter. If that is not possible I think you could force a disablement of smart loading by removing the data-cmp-lazy and reducing image width to only the exported image (via data-cmp-widths).

    I think there's no need to introduce a new attribute that is only used by the exporter.

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  • weixin_39778003 weixin_39778003 3月前

    i have updated the implementation to check for the attribute rather than a path. Could you please review it again ?

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  • weixin_39995439 weixin_39995439 3月前

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  • weixin_39761573 weixin_39761573 3月前

    I think a better solution would be to update the exporter to rewrite the data-cmp-src as well or disable the smart image size loading completely.

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  • weixin_39778003 weixin_39778003 3月前

    could you please review

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