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Coverage Threshold parameter

An optional Threshold parameter could be given e.g. --threshold=90 and when the merged threshold is >90% the script could return 0, otherwise return 1.

Would be great for CI.


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  • weixin_39681724 weixin_39681724 2020-12-27 04:05


        help="Coverage % threshold value (range:0-100), below this retval:1, otherwise:0, default 90%",

    at the end:

    cov_global = print_summary(covdata);
    # retval based on threshold parameter
    if (options.cov_threshold is not None):
      thresh = int(options.cov_threshold)
      if (thresh <= 100) and (thresh > 0):
        if cov_global < thresh:
          print("failed, not enough coverage (got:%d, expected min:%d)" % (cov_global, thresh))
          sys.exit(1); # failed, not enough coverage
        print("Please give value 0-100 for options.threshold", thresh);
        sys.exit(1); # everything was fine
      print("\nMinimum covarage was:%d%%\n" % thresh);
    print("\nResult stored in index.html");
    print("\nFinished running");
    sys.exit(0); # everything was fine
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  • weixin_39608613 weixin_39608613 2020-12-27 04:05

    It may be difficult to figure out if the non-zero exit status was caused by another error.

    You could use the --print-summary option and let your CI system evaluate the result.

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  • weixin_39801879 weixin_39801879 2020-12-27 04:05

    , I guess this can be closed c.f. 3cf2cd469f2cddcb982c856d9e45b6b5347e488e

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  • weixin_39891272 weixin_39891272 2020-12-27 04:05

    Such a parameter (--fail-under-line and --fail-under-branch) was implemented in #173.

    What this issue suggests in addition:

    • validating that the provided coverage percentage is 0 < threshold <= 100.
    • reporting when the coverage target was missed.

    Both are good ideas, though gcovr should only create such output if it's in verbose mode, or if it is printing a textual report (default format or summary report).

    I'm therefore leaving this issue open for now.

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  • weixin_39801879 weixin_39801879 2020-12-27 04:05

    Reporting: what shall be done ?

    I think that it shall output a message on stderr when the coverage target was missed since we're returning a non-zero exit code. e.g.

    print("failed, not enough line coverage (got:%d, expected min:%d)" % (cov_line_global, line_thresh))

    I'm not sure about adding messages for success but I stay open to the idea. In that case: Other information output shall be printed on stdout in verbose mode. e.g.

    print("Minimum line coverage was:%d%%\n" % thresh);

    If thinking about adding it in textual report/summary report then what about HTML output ? Any other ideas ?

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  • weixin_39762441 weixin_39762441 2020-12-27 04:05

    For me the exit code is for run ok or not ok. To check the result in the CI you can analyse the XML output.

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