2020-12-27 05:19

Cube's reset floor is in the air.

Position resetting floor/tile of a cube is sometimes in the air. Is this expected?


In my case, it was above of a high-level ground (extruded floor). My environment is macOS 10.14.3, v1.2 and played by myself.

also it might be another issue or is expected, but sometimes if I touch the reset floor, the cube which I did not touch moves to different position which seems to be an initial position. ( I'm not sure on this. It just might be my imagination or something...)


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  • weixin_39630466 weixin_39630466 4月前

    This one might be related.


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  • weixin_39649965 weixin_39649965 4月前


    I believe so. Both are related to the cube and it's reset area not being placed correctly. This will be addressed in the Round 2 release.

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  • weixin_39939303 weixin_39939303 4月前

    I opened #80 for the cube-stuck-in-floor bug. Didn't see that it was mentioned in this issue until now.

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  • weixin_39649965 weixin_39649965 4月前

    Hi all. These issues should be addressed in the v2.0 release. Please re-open the thread if they are still occuring.

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  • weixin_39837352 weixin_39837352 4月前

    It seems it is always in the air if the reset floor is placed on the high-level ground.

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  • weixin_39649965 weixin_39649965 4月前

    Hi -maumau

    Thanks for pointing this out. It is indeed a bug, and we will work to fix it in the next release.

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