2020-12-27 06:10

Touch support / HTML5 Drag-Drop-API

Hi I'm one of the maintainers of https://github.com/timruffles/ios-html5-drag-drop-shim/tree/rewrite which does a good job polyfilling the HTML5 Drag and Drop API for browsers/devices that don't support it natively. The rewrite is about to be released as stable and I'm using it in production for quite some time now without issues.

I don't know if there are any special cases that your module tries to solve and support but I just wanted to let you know that the mentioned polyfill is able to handle all the touch support needs so your module could rely on the HTML5 Drag and Drop API as the ground to build upon.


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  • weixin_39905816 weixin_39905816 4月前

    +1 Mobile support would be essential, at the moment, ngx-dnd example page doesn't work on mobile property

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  • weixin_39573981 weixin_39573981 4月前

    Mobile is on the roadmap

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  • weixin_39968592 weixin_39968592 4月前

    I've ported my favorite AngularJS drag drop directive library to Angular so whoever needs HTML5 drag and drop api support may take a look: https://github.com/reppners/ngx-drag-drop (Touch support is established with above mentioned polyfill)

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  • weixin_39542850 weixin_39542850 4月前

    any updates on the mobile support?

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  • weixin_39969143 weixin_39969143 4月前

    any updates on mobile support?

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  • weixin_39611725 weixin_39611725 4月前

    This is not something I've had a chance to work on recently. During development, I tested on an iPad and everything worked as expected. I haven't had time to do more than that.

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