2020-12-27 07:00

php-ews/php-ews on Packagist

Hi there, I am the developer who registered the current php-ews/php-ews package on Packagist so I could install it with Composer. Other than that, I originally created the fork for use in my own project at the last company I worked for, to try and utilize some newer PHP concepts and libraries. The plan was then to dissect the library into other packages and add additional features and adapters for common frameworks.

However my time has become more limited recently and so has my access to an Exchange Server.

So when this project is ready to support installation via Composer, I'd be happy to transfer the php-ews/php-ews over to you. At the moment the package has had over 800 installs so this would have to be done carefully if this happens. :)

Many thanks, Adam


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