2020-12-27 07:29

Turtlebot2 cannot move using arrow keys

Hello, I am working on "2.3 Gazebo Simulation Setup". The connection is set up successfully between ROS and Unity. ROS terminal can read the initial position of the turtlebot2 in Unity. However, I cannot move the turtlebot2 in Unity using arrow keys, like you did in the tutorial video. Is there a script file that I should attach it to the turtlebot2 in Unity to move it? Thank you.


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  • weixin_39968410 weixin_39968410 4月前

    Hi and , now that you have found it that this problem is not related to ROS#, I'd like to close this issue here. For this problem you will find better help faster on e.g. ROS Answers. Please feel free to link this issue if you don't want to tell the story twice. Thank you, Martin

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  • weixin_39753747 weixin_39753747 4月前

    Hi It seems that I have the same issue.

    This here is the current node map from rqt_graph image

    I did check the topics with rostipic echo /joy which seems to work. The output of the python script "joy_to_twist" topic /cmd_vel_mux/input/navi seems to be published as well. But then the mobile_base node is missing and nothing feeds back into gazebo, which is why I guess there is not movement after pressing the buttons.

    I did everything as it is in the tutorial (and video). I do not think, that it is a RosSharp Side error, since all the inputs are published successfully. I believe that the gazebo_simulation_scene somehow is not quite setup correctly, but I cannot find any mistakes.

    The communication works though. I do see the camera stream in the Unity project. Its just not moving since the robot in gazebo does not move... Do you have any hints for me that I can follow? googling it did not bring up any working results...

    Btw I'm using Ros Kinetic, Ubuntu 16.04 in a VM, Unity 2019

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  • weixin_39520988 weixin_39520988 4月前

    Hi I am having the same issue, did you fix it?

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  • weixin_39753747 weixin_39753747 4月前

    So far no luck no. But I'll have a few meetings with some "More-ROS-guys" than I am and maybe they will find the mistake.

    We will also create some Docker Images for this ROS# / TurtleBot example that would not run on a Ubuntu VM. Maybe thats the problem.

    Are you experiencing the exact same issue? So do you get the same rqt_graph?

    Regards Eric

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  • weixin_39968410 weixin_39968410 4月前

    Sorry I can not reproduce this error. Please proceed as in the tutorial videos.

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