2020-12-27 09:57

Add OrmLite library


For use with Android applications, you should download the ormlite-android-4.42.jar and ormlite-core-4.42.jar files. ORMLite does not have any required external dependencies although there are some optional packages that you may want to use. The code works with Java 5 or later.

Example Android usage http://ormlite.com/javadoc/ormlite-core/doc-files/ormlite_4.html#SEC40


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  • weixin_39549110 weixin_39549110 3月前

    +1 I use ORMLite in many projects.

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  • weixin_39849153 weixin_39849153 3月前

    Basically as I see it can be just added to ext-libs of the project and maybe somehow added to project.properties file. Not sure about last statement.

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  • weixin_39789979 weixin_39789979 3月前

    +1 Would've been very useful.

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  • weixin_39562089 weixin_39562089 3月前

    Ormlite is a great library. (Version 4.43 is out !)

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  • weixin_39805195 weixin_39805195 3月前

    +1 It would be great!

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  • weixin_39822993 weixin_39822993 3月前

    Also giving a +1 here, an ORM is missing from the libraries and ORMLite is great. Some optional example code would be nice too.

    Maven repo is available.

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